Nov 13

We’re Ending the Year With a 2 Cent Sale!

Now is the perfect time to grab those Steam Powered Giraffe prints you’ve been eyeing. We’re offering a year end sale on all 8×10 prints. Now everyone has a chance to be a part of the 2¢ Show Sale!

We will not be selling SPG prints after the end of this year. this will be your last chance to get them.

Check out how to get your 2 cent prints below. These instructions and buttons are on every store page as well as the sidebar.

Order any 3 prints and get an 8×10 of your choice for only 2 cents! Just follow these easy steps:

1. Add any 3 regular price prints from the store (8×10 or 8×12) to your cart.
2. Fill in the name and number in the field below for your 2 cent 8×10 print (ex. Rabbit #40).
3. Click on the Add to Cart button below.
4. Check out.

Name/# of your 2 Cent print(s)

Remember: You can get one 8×10 Print for 2 cents with every 3 prints you purchase. No limit.

SALE ENDS December 28th, 2015

A few people have tried to order all of their prints using the 2 Cent Sale form. If you do that, we will have to refund your order. You can only order ONE 2 cent print for every THREE regular priced prints that you order.

If you order THREE prints at the regular price ($10 for an 8×10 or $12 for an 8×12), you can add ONE 2 cent print using the special form.

There is no limit to how many sets of three you can order. If you order SIX prints at the regular price ($10 for an 8×10 or $12 for an 8×12), you can add TWO 2 cent print using the special form.


If your cart has prints for these prices, you’re good to go: (note some prints may be $12 instead of $10):

If your cart has prints for these prices, you need to fix your order:

Thank you!

Nov 03

GeekShot is Stepping Down as Full Time Steam Powered Giraffe Photographers

GeekShot Photography is stepping down as Steam Powered Giraffe’s full-time photographers. This doesn’t mean that we won’t be working with them any more! We will do photo ops at any local show that they want us to. What it means is that we won’t be traveling with them or selling prints.

We loved being able to travel with the band to provide professional photo ops and meet all the fans. However, for financial and personal reasons we’ve decided to only do local shows.

Thank you to all the fans for your love and support!

We’ll see you at the Bakersfield show in December!

Sep 21

GeekShot will not be attending the Grand Canadian Steampunk Expo

Unfortunately GeekShot will no longer be able to attend the Grand Canadian Steampunk Expo. We apologize for cancelling so close to the start of the convention.

If you purchased photo ops they will be refunded today (9/21/15). If you don’t receive your refund please contact us.

Nov 17

Photo Ops for Bakersfield and Everett On Sale Now

Photo ops are on sale now for two upcoming Steam Powered Giraffe shows. Click on the photo above or head to our Pre-Sale Page to purchase photo ops. If you have any questions please see our Photo Op FAQ.

For tickets to each show, click on the links below. Tickets for photo ops must be purchased separately.

Bakersfield Yulemas Special Show

Saturday December 13th, 2014
12:00 – 1:30 PM

Doré Theatre
9001 Stockdale Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93311

The Historic Everett Theater

Saturday February 28th, 2015
2:00 – 3:30 PM

The Historic Everett Theater
2911 Colby Ave
Everett, WA 98201

Aug 19

Steam Powered Giraffe Canadian Steampunk Expo & Steamposium Seattle Photo Ops On Sale Now

e are pleased to announce that photo ops for Steam Powered Giraffe are now on sale for the following events:

Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition (Sept. 12-14)

Steamposium Seattle (Sept. 26-28)

As always, photo ops are on sale on our Pre-Sale page. Don’t forget to check out all the details on the page. If you have any questions see our Photo Op FAQ for answers and how to contact us.

Jul 10

We’ve Added 7 New Prints to the Steam Powered Giraffe Store

Check out the 7 all new prints we’ve added to the SPG store. Click on the photos below or the Store menu to purchase. SPG19p STORE_WG05STORE_WG06STORE_SPG81203STORE_Rabbit27STORE_WGCarolina02STORE_WGChelsea01

Jun 05

Nine All New Steam Powered Giraffe Prints Added to the Store

SPG18pWe’ve added 9 all new photos to the Steam Powered Giraffe store. As you can see we’ve got the group all in one shot as well as new live show and posed photos. 

Click on any photo to be taken directly to the store where you can purchase a print. Or click on the Store menu above.

A couple of these photos were requested by fans to be made available as prints. Any time you see one of our photos that you would like to buy as a print send us a request using our Contact Form. We’ll try and make it happen!

STORE_Spine18 STORE_Spine19
STORE_Rabbit26 STORE_Rabbit25

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