Frequently Asked Questions

We currently don’t have a lot of questions being asked frequently. Please send any questions you have to us via our contact form.

Q: Who are Trekkiebeth and danregal?

A: They are Beth and James Riley, the married photography team that is GeekShot Photography.

Q: Can I hire you for my event/portrait/wedding/cosplay shoot?

A: Yes! We can be hired for almost any kind of photography shoot. Request a quote on our contact page.

Q: Are you allowed to sell Steam Powered Giraffe photos?

A: Yes. We signed a licensing contract with Steam Powered Giraffe so we can legally sell photos.

Q: Do you ship your prints outside the United States?

A: Yes. We ship worldwide.

Q: What size(s) are the photos you have for sale?

A: Currently we only offer 8×10 photos. We will add the size of the photo to the description if it is not an 8×10.

Q: Can I request one of your Steam Powered Giraffe photos be made into a print so I can purchase it?

A: Yes. If you’ve seen one of our SPG photos on tumblr or on Beth or James‘ Flickr and want to buy it, please send us a link to the photo. Use our contact form and write “Print request” in the subject. If it is approved by SPG we will make it available in our store.