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Photo Op FAQ

This FAQ is for the professional photo ops we run at conventions or events with special guests. Unless otherwise stated in the rules for a specific event, these rules and answers are in effect for all photo ops. If we did not answer your question here, send it to us via our contact form.

How much does a photo op cost?
See the event or pre-sale page for pricing.

What do I get?
A professional photo with the guest(s), an 8×10 print, and a digital copy upon request.

How many people can be in one photo op?
A maximum of 2 fans per photo. If you have a larger group, please contact us to discuss options. There will be an extra charge for more than 2 fans in a photo. Be advised that any group over 5 fans total is likely not possible.

What if I have a child that is X years old?
Any child under 3 years old can be in a photo op for free (with a paid adult/guardian) and does not count for the maximum of 2 fans per photo. Any child 3 years old or older will be counted for the maximum.

What should I wear?
Whatever you want! You can come in cosplay, steampunk gear, regular clothes, etc. Be advised that white doesn’t photograph well.

How do I get my ticket if I buy online in advance?
Bring a printout of your Paypal receipt to the GeekShot table at the event to receive your photo op ticket. If you don’t bring a printout you can show ID, but remember the name on the Paypal transaction must match your ID. It is best if you pick up your ticket(s) before the photo ops start, but we will always check the line for anyone who doesn’t have their ticket yet.

Can I request a special pose?
Yes. As long as the guest(s) are comfortable with the request a special pose is OK.

Which special guests will be in my photo?
The special guests that are listed on the schedule/program of the event will be in your photo, barring any schedule changes.

Can I request certain special guests be in my photo?
It depends on how the photo ops are organized. First, If there are set groups (like SPG Robots) then you can’t include a guest from another group (like the Walter Girls). You can, however, request only one or some of the special guests for your photo. For example, if you wanted a photo with just Hatchworth during a Robots session.
Second, during photo op sessions that aren’t in set groups you can request whoever is available for that session to be in your photo.

When will I get my print?
All prints are available within a few hours. Don’t leave the event without picking yours up!

How do I get my digital copy?
Email or contact us any time after the event and give us your description. Your ticket will have our email address.

How can I pay for the photo op?
We accept credit cards or Paypal for online pre-sales. We accept cash and credit cards at the event.

Can I get more than one photo?
If you purchase more than one photo op, yes! If you want an extra copy of your photo it will be $10 per extra print.

How long will my photo op last?
We aren’t going to rush you through like other convention photo ops, but please respect other fans by not having extended conversations. 30-60 seconds will be the typical photo op length.

Can I get an autograph or give a gift?
There will be no autographs or time/place to put gifts during a photo op. Please do both at other appropriate times. Typically there is an autograph session during the event.

When should I be there?
Plan to arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time to make sure we can get through everyone, especially if there is a sellout. Try not to show up late, but if you do we’ll be taking photos during the entire allotted time unless there is no one in line.

Will my print be available to get signed that day?
We can’t guarantee this, but we make every effort to have prints available for autograph sessions that happen after photo ops.

Will you sell out?
There is a limited number of photo ops available to make sure everyone gets a quality experience. A sellout is always possible, and we will announce if we’re getting close to selling out, and if/when we are sold out.

Will you publish my photo online?
Not unless you give us permission in advance. We respect your privacy.

Can I publish my photo online?
Yes! The photo is yours. If you want to show it off, please do so!