Feb 05

All New Prints in the Steam Powered Giraffe Store!

We’ve been asked many times for a group shot that has the entire group. The time has finally come! SPG15p

We also had the chance to take some new shots of smaller groups and individuals. Check them out:
Rabbit20p Rabbit19p

If you’re interested in buying any of the new prints head on over to our store. Or click on the photo and you’ll be taken directly to the page for that print.

Dec 20

New Photos Added to the Steam Powered Giraffe Store

We’ve added 16 all new photos to the Steam Powered Giraffe store today. Most of these debuted at the recent Bakersfield and Northville Yulemas shows. They are now all available for anyone who can’t make it to a show.

To make new photos easy to find they are always placed at the top of each page, so they will be from newest to oldest when you go from the top to the bottom.

Or just take a look below, each photo will link to the page where it can be purchased.

STORE_Hatchworth17 STORE_Hatchworth16
STORE_Steve09 STORE_Steve08 STORE_Steve07
STORE_Spine17 STORE_Spine16 STORE_Spine15
STORE_Matt05 STORE_Michael05

Dec 18

Steam Powered Giraffe in Everett, WA Photo Ops on Sale Now

The photo ops for Steam Powered Giraffe in Everett, WA are on sale now on our Pre-Sale page. Please take a look at our Photo Op FAQ if you have any questions not answered below. If you still have a question please contact us.

The photo ops will be from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM (subject to change). They will take place at the Downtown Everett Holiday Inn. You will not need a concert ticket to purchase a photo op.

Due to the limited time frame prints will not be available for the autograph session. They will be available within a few hours at the hotel and then any remaining prints will be available for pickup at the theater. Please try to pick up your print at the theater or the hotel. We will mail any prints not picked up but there will be a small fee to cover shipping.

Nov 04

Youmacon 2013 Photo Op Prints, Digital Copies and More

Steam Powered GiraffeWe’re back from Youmacon 2013 and (sort of) rested. That means it’s time to get some things handled. First off, we’d like to say a big thank you to all the fans who came by to chat, buy prints or photo ops, or say all those really nice things about our photos. We appreciate each one of you. A very special thank you also to Youmacon for being hospitable and nice, with extra love to Britney for all she did and Rory for line managing during the photo ops. And finally, thank you to Steam Powered Giraffe for inviting us on the wild ride. And not getting sick of seeing our camera all weekend.

We’re going to be posting a lot of photos from the concert and panels so keep an eye on our social streams (all those buttons at the top of the page).

Beth and the Walter Girls

Now on to the business. Some of you didn’t get a chance to come by and pick up your photo op prints. How will you get them? We’re going to mail them to you! That means we need you to contact us and let us know your name/address and what you look like in your photo. There will be a small charge to offset the cost of mailing. We’ll send an invoice once you send your info. We’ll also send your digital copies since we’ll already know which ones are yours.

Speaking of those digital copies. Did you request yours yet? If you haven’t, or if you lost the ticket with our email, send us a message using the contact form. Please include a short description of your clothes, make-up, and/or pose that will help us track it down. If you have our email you can attach a snapshot of your print instead of a description. Also include which ops you have and how many.

Oct 22

Youmacon Photo Ops Are On Sale Now

Photo Op Pre-Sale Page

Steam Powered Giraffe Photo Ops at Youmacon 2013 are on sale now! To purchase your Humans, Walter Girls, and the Robots photo ops or for more details head on over to our Pre-Sale page.

Each Photo Op includes an 8×10 print and a digital copy. If you have any questions about the photo ops, please see our Photo Op FAQ. If you have a question not answered there, please send us a message via our Contact Form.

There will be a limited number of photo ops available for purchase at the event. We are not selling all available tickets online. If we sell out online you will still have a chance to purchase a photo op at the convention.

You must have a convention badge to enter Youmacon. GeekShot photo ops are not included with a convention ticket.

Oct 08

Youmacon Here We Come! But First…

SPG09pGeekShot Photography is pleased to announce we will be attending Youmacon 2013 October 31st-November 3rd! We will be bringing a wide selection of Steam Powered Giraffe prints for you to purchase. We’ll be sharing a booth/table with the Walter Girls, so check the SPG social streams for time and location.

But coming up before Youmacon are the Calico Ghost Haunt (Oct. 18) and Pennypickle’s Workshop at The Temecula Children’s Museum (Oct. 25). We be selling prints at both events. These are perfect chances to pick up a print and get it signed.

There are more events on the horizon including Yulemas shows in Bakersfield and Detroit, the Everett shows in Washington and Wild Wild West Steampunk Con 3 in Tucson. We’ll update the calendar as we get details finalized.

Sep 25

Getting the Right Shot

Galactus and the Silver Surfer
You know “The Zone”? That ethereal feeling or place in your brain where everything lines up and clicks or works perfectly? For me The Zone never really hits all at once. Sometimes it comes when I’m shooting something and really feel like I nail what I’m trying to capture. But honestly, I’m usually too worried about settings, the subject, the people around me, etc. Sometimes it hits when I’m editing a photo. But sometimes The Zone starts at the time of capture but doesn’t come full circle until I’ve edited the photo.

This is the case with the photo above. I took it on Sunday of Comic-Con this year. I’d captured the same statue the previous year but was upset that I didn’t even notice the Silver Surfer until after the con. When I saw it was back at the Sideshow booth I knew I’d be capturing it again.

I felt really good while taking this photo, as well the other 10 or so shots I took of the same composition. That’s usually when The Zone hits, when I’m trying to get what I see in my mind captured in camera. I was shooting with a 100mm Macro lens at f2.8, which gave me a pretty shallow depth of field. I took so many shots because I needed to get Galactus’ face and Silver Surfer in the same plane so they would both be in focus. For the few minutes I was taking a shot, looking at the LCD, adjusting, taking another shot, and so on, I was having a blast. I had to worry about people walking around me and sometimes through the shot. I had to deal with people in the background. There was a lot going on but all that mattered was getting the shot the way I wanted. 

It paid off. 

When I got home and downloaded the thousands of photos from the weekend, this was one of the first ones I looked at to see how it came out. I was very happy. And then, when I finally had some time to edit the photo 2 months later, it was like being there capturing the photo again. The Zone had come full circle. 

Just for fun, here are a couple other shots I took of Galactus and Silver Surfer. If it’s not obvious, this is my favorite of all the statues I shot that day.

Devourer of Worlds The herald defies his master

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