Jun 05

Nine All New Steam Powered Giraffe Prints Added to the Store

SPG18pWe’ve added 9 all new photos to the Steam Powered Giraffe store. As you can see we’ve got the group all in one shot as well as new live show and posed photos. 

Click on any photo to be taken directly to the store where you can purchase a print. Or click on the Store menu above.

A couple of these photos were requested by fans to be made available as prints. Any time you see one of our photos that you would like to buy as a print send us a request using our Contact Form. We’ll try and make it happen!

STORE_Spine18 STORE_Spine19
STORE_Rabbit26 STORE_Rabbit25

May 28

How’s the quality of your GeekShot photo op digital copy?

If the color of your digital copy doesn’t look as vibrant as your print, you may need to download it differently. We’ve discovered that digital copies that are downloaded onto a phone sometimes look more dull than they should.

If this has happened to you, try downloading your digital copy from a computer instead.

If your photo still looks dull after trying a different download, send us a message and we’ll try to help.

Apr 02

New Steam Powered Giraffe Prints Now Available

We have 11 all new prints in the Steam Powered Giraffe store. All the robots are in three new group photos, including the “See/Hear/Speak No Evil” 8×12 print. You’ll find three Rabbit prints with her new headpiece. Hatchworth has a steamy new live show print. We’ve also made a few adjustments to four existing Hatchworth and The Spine photos. They are showing off their robot attributes more clearly now. Finally, Captain Albert Alexander and Rex Marksley return in the SPG Heroes section with 4 new solo and daring duo prints.

Check out thumbnails of all the new photos below. Click on any photo to head to the store where you can purchase prints and see larger previews.



Apr 01

All New Red Series Prints in the GeekShot Store [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Yes, this was an April Fools post. Thanks for playing along!

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new section to the GeekShot store. These two new prints are part of our popular Red Series photos. Head on over to the GeekShot store to get your prints now!

Made you look!Made you look!

Mar 18

Behind the Shot: “Fire Fire”

I saw a lot of comments on Tumblr in response to this photo, either awe over the lighting and steam effects, wondering what I did to make it look like fire, or wondering if there was actually real fire on the stage. As you can see in the photo below, it looked like realistic fire on its own, just from the light on the steam. This first photo is unedited, straight from the camera. BETH2247 This is the photo after I cropped it. I went in close to emphasise the “fire.” I also straightened it. I swear most of my photos are not that crooked.
BETH2247uneditedBelow is the final edit. I won’t go into too much detail because it’s just the usual: slide the bars around in Photoshop Camera Raw until it looks good. What I did do differently was to give it more contrast than usual and play with the red, orange, and yellow hues to make the “fire” stand out a little more and look a bit more realistic.

Then I opened the photo in regular Photoshop and did a few final edits. If you’re paying close attention you might have noticed that there’s some fire on the left shoulder in the final image that isn’t there in the earlier versions. I had around 6 photos of this same moment to choose from where the fire drifted from a small amount on the left to a big blaze on the right. I really liked the first photo I had, where it looked like his right shoulder had just caught fire. I thought it looked realistic and added a lot to the effect, so I copied that part of the first photo to my main photo, where the blaze looked the best.
BETH2247aThat’s it! I hope you enjoyed this peek into my editing process.

Feb 18

Steam Powered Giraffe “Red Series” 8×12 Prints Now Available

We have heard the overwhelming demand to have the “Red Series” of Steam Powered Giraffe portraits made available as prints. In order to preserve the best look of each portrait as shot by Beth we are offering them in the 8×12 size instead of our standard 8×10. Each print is $12.00 (plus shipping & handling). Click on the photos below to purchase.

We will have these available at all upcoming SPG shows that we attend starting with Wild Wild West Con 3 in Tucson, March 7-9th.

Spine81201p Rabbit81201p Hatchworth81201p

Feb 07

Photo Ops For Wild Wild West Steampunk Con 3 in Tucson On Sale Now

The photo ops for Steam Powered Giraffe at the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention III in Old Tucson are on sale now on our Pre-Sale page. Please take a look at our Photo Op FAQ if you have any questions not answered below. If you still have a question please contact us.

The photo ops will be on March 7th for the Humans, Walter Girls, & Robots, and March 9th for the Heroes, Rex Marksley & Captain Albert Alexander. All times TBA (subject to change).

They will take place at the GeekShot booth in the big Vendor tent at Old Tucson.

You will need a convention badge to get a photo op.

Prints will be available a few hours after the photo op at the GeekShot booth. Please try to pick up your print before the convention ends. We will mail any prints not picked up but there will be a small fee to cover shipping.

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