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May 28

How’s the quality of your GeekShot photo op digital copy?


If the color of your digital copy doesn’t look as vibrant as your print, you may need to download it differently. We’ve discovered that digital copies that are downloaded onto a phone sometimes look more dull than they should.If this has happened to you, try downloading your digital copy from a computer instead.If your photo …

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Dec 20

New Photos Added to the Steam Powered Giraffe Store


We’ve added 16 all new photos to the Steam Powered Giraffe store today. Most of these debuted at the recent Bakersfield and Northville Yulemas shows. They are now all available for anyone who can’t make it to a show.To make new photos easy to find they are always placed at the top of each page, …

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Sep 25

Getting the Right Shot

You know “The Zone”? That ethereal feeling or place in your brain where everything lines up and clicks or works perfectly? For me The Zone never really hits all at once. Sometimes it comes when I’m shooting something and really feel like I nail what I’m trying to capture. But honestly, I’m usually too worried …

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Sep 09

Steam Powered Giraffe at The Roxy

Last night Steam Powered Giraffe headlined a show at the legendary Roxy Theater in Hollywood. It was a hot night and featured great performances from all 3 bands. For GeekShot it was a chance to sell our photos of SPG, be a part of a show in a classic venue, and get some new photos …

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